Where is RHBC?

Rocky Hock Baptist Church is located in northern Chowan county outside of Edenton, NC. From Edenton, head north on Hwy 32 for about 5 miles and then take a left on to Rocky Hock Rd. Rocky Hock Baptist church will be about two miles on your left. Only a total of about 10 minutes from Edenton. Click "More Info" below to find us on Google Maps.

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Are there any children and youth programs?

Rocky Hock Baptist Church offers many ministries and programs for our children and youth. Everything from mission trips to various Bible studies, RHBC has many Christ centered growth opportunities to be a part of. Please click "More Info" below to find out more. Thanks for visiting!

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What can I expect?

Rocky Hock Baptist Church is located in rural Chowan County. Rocky Hock is a small farming community that rests on the banks of the Chowan River. Rocky Hock is often referred to as "God's Country" as it is one of the most beautiful places to call home. We invite you to the Rocky Hock Baptist Church family, our community, and most importantly God's Word. You will always be welcomed at RHBC! Click the button below to find out more about us.

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Online Sermons

Redeeming Love
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
07/15/2018 |
Hebrews 9
Forever Priest
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
07/09/2018 |
Hebrews 8
King of Righteousness
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
06/25/2018 |
Hebrews 7
A God-Like Father
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
06/18/2018 |
Luke 15: 11 - 32
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
06/11/2018 |
Hebrews 6
Graduate Sunday
Pastor Mike Denny |
06/04/2018 |
Eternal High Priest
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
05/29/2018 |
Hebrews 5
Everlasting Rest
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
05/21/2018 |
Hebrews 4
Godly Mother
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
05/14/2018 |
I Samuel 1
Saving Faith
Pastor Dr. James Horton |
05/02/2018 |
Hebrews 3